BOFFO Show House


New York City - Currently available through Patrick Parrish Gallery

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

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BOFFO – Show House

This piece was originally made for Show House by BOFFO in NYC. It has since traveled all over the place both in physical form and as a photo. It has been used in several exhibits as a display container for other artists’ work. We love to think of all the objects that will spend time in or on the shelves as a part of them… as an extension of the work.

This piece has been featured in the New York Times, PIN-UP Magazine and Wallpaper.

Furniture and Objects

Stacked Benches
(After Shelves)

Seven plywood benches which can be stacked together to create a 10’6” tall set of shelves. The geometry of the shelf divisions acts as a reminder to non-linear chaos of knowledge.

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…everything seems
messy to me, and there’s
a lot more at play
than talking vs. writing…