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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

We had known Eric Timothy Carlson’s work in the expansive art collective Hardland, Heartland and were always intrigued by their prolific and joyful but mysterious and bewildering pieces, so we were really excited to work with him. We’ve always been fundamentally committed to collaboration as we feel that being open and vulnerable with other people is the best way to grow. That’s when love emerges.

He’d been making these somewhat psychedelic color scenes on plywood and we made some amazing chairs with the material. We also gave him a few chairs in OSB to play with and he made the drawings on them… a sort of camouflage in pencil.

We’ve been friends ever since and our paths continue to cross through our work. Which is exactly how it should be.

Furniture and Objects

with ETC

Eric Timothy

The artist Eric Timothy Carlson wrote to ask about trying some stuff. He’d been playing with dye and was creating some great color scenes. We made some pieces from his materials. The work was shown at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art as part of Product Porch.

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We’re experiencing
an ongoing and
“continuous entrance”
— into new moments,
ideas, and awareness.