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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

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Table of Contents

Design is often thought of as a reductive, iterative method of problem solving that, in the end, produces a material-based solution. But we like to think of the end as the beginning. And just like we are always becoming something different as we pass through time, so should our objects. Leaving things open might enable this process to happen in a more present or recognizable manner.

Table of Contents is one of our favorite shops. We were so happy to work with them.

Furniture and Objects


Table of Contents asked us to make something, a bookshelf of sorts, based on words and ideas of Issey Myake. We made “Clothing for Books (after Sculpture)” in attempt to make an ambiguous sculptural form that can easily become something different.

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We’re more anxious
to see what “it”
will become,
than we are to try
for what we want
it to be.