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We have known NYC gallerist Patrick Parrish since our blogs crossed paths in 2010 and we’ve been working together ever since. We had our first exhibit with him at the old Duane Street location of his former shop Mondo Cane in Tribeca. When he decided to move and hit refresh, he hired us to create shelves for his sizable book collection and matching desk system for the gallery employees.

RO/LU has been interested in the Imi Knoebel work Raum 19 for years and has wondered about ways to play with it… or follow it somewhere new. When we learned that the piece was made from common masonite fiberboard, our interest seemed to make even more sense as we find we are always attracted to the humble materials available at most hardware stores.

Furniture and Objects

Patrick Parrish

New York, NY

Inspired by the short Corten walls in our landscape project for Jeff and Randy, Imi Knoebel’s piece “Raum 19” and skateboard ramps, the 28ft long bookshelves and matching 18ft long multi person desk we made for Patrick Parrish’s new gallery location remind us that not everything has to be square.

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