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New York City

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

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We are interested in translation. The ways in which the visual becomes something language based. We want to explore the spaces where something doesn’t quite fit or there is a gap. At the health club I attend, there is an Olympic size pool and a large whirlpool in a giant, cavernous space with a three-story ceiling. When I sit in the whirlpool, the sound of the jets combines with the sounds of people swimming laps and becomes this interesting echo chamber of white noise. There is music coming from speakers on the other side of the room. It’s top 40 style pop music, of which I know very little. I can barely make it out… just the faint hint of percussion and some ghostlike presence of melody and structure. But I start to fill in the blanks. I find myself humming some melody. I walk over to the speakers to see what it is but, once I come into the range that makes the song audible, I always realize what I’m humming is not even close. This is the area where the blanks get filled in. This is our favorite area.

Can we design something that provides access to this area? That touches it? Is that within the range of functions that an object can provide?

Furniture and Objects

Object For
One’s Own
Interior Cosmos
No. 10

Two drawers contained in a sculptural box. One drawer contains a photo from the website of the Japanese magazine Waterfall and a photo of Japanese text that accompanies it. The other drawer contains a grid lined post-it note pad and a pen. Anyone who encounters the piece is encouraged to write or draw a response. This idea that is generated is the actual work.

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In what ways
are we all
each other?