BOFFO Show House


New York City - Currently available through Patrick Parrish Gallery

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

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BOFFO – Show House

We heard a great interview with composer and artist John Cage. At one point he was answering a question that was complex to answer with language. He paused, giggled, then said that everything was always changing all of the time. This resonated with us deeply. We notice this most literally in our work with landscapes. Everyday we can see them changing a little bit if we pay attention.

We have used this same title for several of our projects because it connects so closely to what we think our work might be about.

This light debuted in Show House, a group exhibited by BOFFO the NYC fashion and architecture project.

Furniture and Objects

Everything Is
Always Changing
All Of The Time

A light that has no instructions for installation and, like light itself, is always becoming something different.

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We breathe the
same air
and see the
same things
and share ideas
that we
pass along to
each other…