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Chicago – Currently available through Volume Gallery

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren
Tim Nelson

Wright 21, the contemporary program at Wright, the Chicago/New York design auction house, invited Claire Warner and Sam Vinz of Volume Gallery to curate a show of emerging contemporary American designers. The exhibit featured work by Brian Anderson, Stephen Burks, Cmmnwlth, Andy Coolquitt, Felicia Ferrone, Sung Jang, Jonathan Nesci, Snarkitecture, Rich Brilliant Willing, and ROLU.

We created a pair of cabinets made from OSB (oriented strand board) and then hand rubbed them with black dye. They were based on a photograph of two sculptures by the artist Ullrich Ruckreim that the studio had been interested in for some time, but, we weren’t able to find any imformation about them regarding scale, context etc. We decided to learn from them in unconventional ways by building not from specs, but from the photo we had.

In a strange twist, after we announced the show and shared photos of our work with the public, we learned that a friend had been part of commissioning the original work from Ruckreim while he worked at the Henry Moore Institute. The whole story can be read on the RO/LU blog link in the colophonic information above.

Furniture and Objects

After UR
a Magnetic

A pair of cabinets for the exhibit Truth In Form, Reason for Being. Curated by Claire Warner and Sam Vinz.

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There’s confusion and time
and place and meaning
and love and gravity and
trust — and it is messy.