This project for two artists was a challenge. As always seems to be the case on a new construction budget, by the time landscape starts to happen, the budget is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. We love arriving at that moment in some ways... the clients are tired, spiritually exhausted, things have gone wrong, so many choices etc. But we arrive excited, filled with hope and an imaginary finish line and the clients can't help but get a second wind. This was that kind of project. We love how it turned out and so do the clients. The home was designed by Bryan Meyer of m.a. architects and hiveMODULAR, a firm we always enjoy working with. We had the sense that we wanted to create a "drawer" to emerge in the site that represented a volume being pulled from the architecture to cause a literal presence in the landscape.

We want to work on the neighbors house too! Designed by the great Carl Graffunder. You can see it in the background of the second picture here. And you can see more of his work here.

We also had one of the most amazing experiences while we were installing this project. A woman who lived in the house that was previously on this lot stopped by with her Grandson. Here husband, who she'd lived in the house with had recently passed away. She hadn't been in Minneapolis for many years and hadn't been by the house in over fifty years. When she arrived to find that it had been torn down, rather than being sad, she was uplifted. She said the world was changing just as it was supposed to change. She said she would be gone soon too and that that was exactly as it was supposed to be. We shared a remarkable conversation and a hug. I'll never forget it. That's her, Sally, in the last picture.