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I first saw the picture of Cy Twombly – in a chair, loafers, wool sox, cape, a single finger draped across his mouth – when he died a few years ago. It was one of those pictures that just felt like it was saturated with energy. I was obsessed for awhile. Was it the room? Was it the clothes? His aura? I would see it from time to time on various tumblr’s out there. The a couple years ago I became more interested in Twombly’s work, especially his sculpture, when I was at Rauschenberg’s for the residency. There were many, many books there.

I didn’t know the story about the photos which is told here in a back issue of 032c. Originally published in Vogue in 1966. Such a fascinating story and so interesting to think about how they look now. Of course, I’ll have to track down the 2003 issue of Nest magazine to absorb their resurfacing.

Attention and Reverence

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Cy Twombly's Palazzo Rome 1966
July 16, 2014

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You know, it doesn’t
make sense and
it never made sense.
But on some level
it does make sense.