Den Haag, NL

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Matt Olson
Mike Brady
Sammie Warren

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West Galerie

RO/LU presented a simple wooden chair to be used throughout the exhibition and that acted as seating for a video piece. The gallery is still using the chairs frequently in other exhibitions and at art fairs. It was an honor to be involved with an exhibition that featured so many of our favorite artists.

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Let Us
Keep Our Own

Curated by David Horvitz
West Galerie
The Hague, NL

“Let Us Keep Our Own Noon”, curated by David Horvitz, was a group show at West Galerie in Den Haag featuring work by Fia Backström, Paul Branca, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Toril Johannessen, Emilie Halpern, Mishka Henner, David Horvitz, Zach Houston, Anna Lundh, Mylinh Nguyen, RO/LU, John Sisley, Ed Steck, Penelope Umbrico, Matthew Vollgraff and Lucky Dragons.

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I suspect that
finds us as much
as we find it.