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Dante Carlos

We’ve been lucky to work with graphic designer Dante Carlos several times in the last few years. He’d been playing with an idea that seemed to point towards Guy de Cointet’s work which made him think of us. We find that many things seem to bring him to mind-set design, language, translation, the difference between seeing, hearing and experiencing etc.

When the Center for Ongoing Research approached Dante about being involved in a group show that manifested as a xerox publication, we decided this would be a good project for it. Dante created shapes in response to pieces from de Cointet’s performance sets we’d recreated. Then Ro/Lu’s Matt Olson created a language based “map” that attempts to explain the past and its inspirations.

RO/LU and Dante Carlos will collaborate on solo exhibit at the Center for Ongoing Research in 2015.

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with Dante Carlos

A collaborative publication with Dante Carlos commissioned by the Center for Ongoing Research that, in part, uses Guy de Cointet’s work as an entrance.

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