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Matt Olson
Mike Brady
Sammie Warren

We have been very interested in our life on the internet. The RO/LU blog put us in touch with so many like-minded friends… but we almost never see them in person as, they are all over the world.

We think about a scenario where we are deeply engrossed in something we are reading, and aren’t very aware of anything around us. Then, a firetruck goes past and we notice the sound of it stopping nearby. It feels like we leave the “place” we’re in for a moment and travel somewhere else…

We wonder about these friendships and the “place” the internet is. It makes us happy. Maybe our attention is a sort of place?

We invited a bunch of our favorite internet friends to contribute to a project called Attention As Place. We’d have invited way more but, we ran out of resources.

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Open Field
Walker Art Center residency
Minneapolis, MN

With contributions by Andreas Angelidakis, Arp, Uta Barth, Charlotte Cheetham, Matt Connors, Alex Dearmond, Michael Dumontier, Peter Eleey, Luke Fischbeck, John Fleischer, Amy Franceschini, Joe Gilmore, Alexis Georgopoulos, Sam Gould, David Hamlow, Rodrigo Hernandez, David Horvitz, Mary Manning, Keegan McHargue, Sarah Rara, Rhiannon Silver, Alec Soth, Jo-ey Tang, Various Projects and others.

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You know, it doesn’t
make sense and
it never made sense.
But on some level
it does make sense.