ROLU (4 Artsy) — Basel.



ROLU, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu is a design and art studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that’s focused on designing and building furniture. Its practice also extends to landscape design, relational architectural projects, urban planning work and innovative collaborative public art. The studio, founded in 2003, currently consists of Matt Olson, Mike Brady and Joe Mollen. The studio believes in learning something every day, and blogs daily about art, design, and visual culture.

Please visit the ROLU, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu site to learn more about the studio’s other work.

Photos courtesy of Artsy and Claude Gasser.


For the last five years or so we’ve been using furniture, art history, design and space as a platform to explore larger and more abstract ideas that interest us. Nature, photography, wholeness, memory, learning… we often find ourselves using art history as a material within this exploration rather than a source of inspiration. It feels like we are searching for something… the convergence of knowing, forgetting, remembering and foreseeing. It’s somehow about trust.

We’ve always been inspired by a story about Richard Artschwager. One day while washing a coffee cup in his studio, his thumb brushed against the palm of his hand in a way that he’d never experienced before… and he noticed it. He was struck with an awakening: “everything matters.” This became a sort of zen backdrop for his work and life going forward and had a very large impact on him. Since we’ve always been interested in the quantum physicist David Bohm’s talk of wholeness, it was easy for us to connect these things. Especially when we use photographs as a basis for our work. Without much context about scale or materials, we use “everything” in a photo to fill in the blanks. We feel like in some ways, we always use photography when we design but, we definitely have here. We also like paying attention to an order within our practice that feels like it’s outside us… like we’re following it, or the notion that it’s leading us, creating a collaboration with everything and nothing. The filmmaker Jonas Mekas speaks gently and convincingly of this process or participation in his film, As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty.

Here’s an interview about the ROLU 4 Artsy work.



Fabrication — Sebastian Marbacher & Andre Dithner